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Strata Property Act A Practical Guide to Bylaws (the "BYLAW GUIDE")

The Bylaw Guide is a comprehensive do-it-yourself guide specifically designed for residential strata owners and councils to assist them in their bylaw reviews.   
Now in its 8th edition the Bylaw Guide is co-authored by Cora D. Wilson and Antonio Gioventu, Executive Director of the Condominium Home Owners Association of British Columbia (CHOA).   
The statutory Standard Bylaws attached to the Strata Property Act automatically apply to every strata corporation in British Columbia unless they are repealed, altered or amended by appropriate bylaws registered in the Land Title Office.
If the Standard Bylaws are not suitable for your strata corporation or if there is a concern about a conflict between your existing registered bylaws and the Standard Bylaws, then you may wish to review your bylaws to address these concerns.  It is also important that every strata corporation make reasonable efforts to ensure that your registered bylaws keep pace with legislative changes and that they reflect current caselaw.   
The Bylaw Guide provides a review of every provision of the Standard Bylaws, including a recommendation on what to do with the bylaw.   This ensures that the strata corporation, usually comprised of volunteers, directs its mind to the major issues while taking steps to avoid the pitfalls.   The Bylaw Guide includes direction for every stage of the bylaw making process, including:
  • how to deal with unit owners;
  • how to undertake the bylaw review process; 
  • how to amend bylaws; 
  • how to repeal bylaws;
  • how to draft bylaws;
  • how to deal with the presentation of bylaws at a general meeting; and, 
  • how to register bylaws.
The Bylaw Guide is user friendly and structured to direct non-lawyers on how to properly address bylaws.  The instructions are written in lay people terms.
The bylaw review, drafting, approval and registration process is complex, difficult and time consuming. It should not be taken lightly. Not all strata corporations have the funds or the budget to engage legal counsel for the purposes of completing this process. The result in some cases is that bylaws are less than adequate.
Every strata corporation should have draft bylaws reviewed by a qualified strata lawyer to ensure that draft bylaws are legally enforceable. This may avoid expensive legal proceedings to resolve unnecessary disputes over poorly drafted bylaws.
The bylaw guide is not intended to provide legal advice. It is a guide that we hope will assist strata corporations in minimizing disputes and legal costs.
To order a copy of the Bylaw Guide for $60.00 plus shipping & handling and GST (total: $73.50), please fill out the order form and either mail, fax or email.  We can also take your order by phone at:
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Fax Number:  250-741-1441
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