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Fall 2019 Issue – The Voice from the Strata-sphere

  • All About Strata
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • The Civil Resolution Tribunal is Here to Stay!
  • BYLAW ALERT - The insurance deductible on appeal!
  • Recovery of Actual Legal Costs - Life After Baettig
  • Existing Glazed Balcony Enclosures - Management, Repair, Replacement, and Beyond
  • Pitfalls in Commuications Agreements

Spring 2018 Issue – The Voice from the Strata-sphere – 21st Anniversary Edition

  • Up in Smoke!
  • Legalization of Non-Medical Cannabis
  • Installing Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment and Charging User Fees
  • Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
  • Short Term & Long Term Rental Bylaws Fines Up To $1,000.00
  • The Cose of Compliance

Fall 2017 Issue – The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • The Civil Resolution Tribunal - Now a Reality!
  • Editorial: 20 Years in Review
  • Supreme Court Ideal for Certain Collections
  • CRT & Alteration Approval - onus is on the Strata!
  • Insurance Deductibles and the Civil Resolutions Tribunal
  • Choosing the Civil Resolution Tribunal as the best option

Spring 2017 Issue – The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Legislative Break Through – Termination of a Strata Plan with an 80% Vote
  • Editorial: Complex Stratas, The Team & Planning
  • Types Bylaws
  • How Sections Work
  • Cancelling Sections
  • Relationship Status – It’s Complicated

Winter 2015/2016 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Legislative Amendments Make It Easier to Terminate a Strata Plan & Winding up a Strata Corporation
  • The Guide Dog & Service Dog Act
  • Cancelling Sections
  • The Anatomy of a Hearing
  • The Movie Shoot in Strata
  • Short Term Holiday Rentals

Fall 2014 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Editorial: Pitfalls of Change
  • Legislative Changes & Best Practices
  • Financing Options
  • Implementing Your Depreciation Report
  • Depreciation Report Replacement Cost Estimates vs. Project Budgeting
  • The Case Against Formal Depreciation Reports

Fall 2013 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • New Limitation Act Alters Collection Procedure Forever
  • ­"Show Me The Money" Collecting Money Owed to the Strata     Corportaion
  • Questionnaire to Tackle Collections
  • Collecting Those Arrears
  • Strata Alert: New Limitation Act Dramatically Changes Collection Practice
  • How Is Our Council Managing Our Receivables Under The Short Periods Of The New Limitation Act?

Fall 2012 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Breaking News! The Civil Resoulution Tribunal Will It Become A Reality?
  • Bill 44 - Civil Resolution Tribunal Act
  • Where Do We Go From Here? Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Strata
  • From Bliss to This...
  • Strata Property Disputes & The Civil Resolution Tribunal
  • The Use of Mediation to Resolve Nuisance Disputes in Strata Complexes
  • New Program Helps Seniors & People With Disabilites. Modify Homes
  • Tribunals: A Solution for Strata Corporation Disputes

Winter 2011 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Recent Changes To The Strata Property Act & Regulations
  • Depreciation Report, CRF & Information Certificates
  • The Depreciation Report - Being Sensitive to Owners' Money
  • Depreciation Reports
  • Sex, Religon, and Reserve Funds
  • Rationalizing Renewal-Ready Reserve-Regulaiton
  • Who is a "Qualified Person" That Will Develop the Depreciation Report?

Fall 2010 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • " Its Not Fair, It's Just Not Fair"
  • Editorial: Unit Entitlement & Significant Unfairness
  • Unanimous Resolution Remedy
  • Where's Your Money?
  • Common Expenses - Not
  • Raising Those Strata Fees
  • Today's Preparation Determines Tomorrow's Success
  • The Hearing - Act Like a Judge

Fall 2009 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Alteration and Indemnity Agreements
  • What Is New On The Leaky Condo Front?
  • Alteration Agreements - Record Keeping and Disclosure
  • Building Maintenace Tips for Condominium Owners and Strata Councils
  • Why Engineered Reserve Funds?
  • Strata Corporation Repairs and Maintenance
  • When is an Alteration not an Alteration?

Spring 2008 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • A Decade of Achievement! Consumer Protection for BC's New Home Buyers
  • A Decade in Review
  • The Last 10 Years; A Decade in Review
  • A Decade; What Have We Learned?
  • 32 Years of Consumer Protection
  • The Human Rights Code & Our Little Village
  • How Green is My Condo? Making Your Condo Green
  • Reserve Fund Studies - A Tool for Stratas to Plan for Their Future Needs
  • Energy Use in Buildings
  • A Decade of Fire Safety Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Nothing is Free, Especially the Fee
  • Depreciation Reports - Should Your Strata Corporation Prepare One?
  • CWB Strata Solution Account
  • Strata Rentals
  • Conflicts in Stratas - Past,Present, and Future

Winter 2007 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Everything You Need to Know About Your Warranty...
  • The OD Wardrobe Includes Many Hats!
  • How Green is My Condo? Buying a Green Condo
  • Super Priority Power Against OD
  • Buying Into a New Condominium Development
  • Purchasing a Strata Lot in a New Development

Fall 2006 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Is the Strata Property Act Due For Amendments?
  • Editorial: Message From The President
  • Is a 3/4 Vote of Owners Required For Expenditures To Defend a Suit?
  • Should B.C. Adopt a Mandatory Reserve Fund Study?
  • Is it Time to Update the Act?
  • Welcome! to Brian Rodonets

Fall 2005 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Licensing for Strata Managers
  • Editorial: Strata Licensing, a Reality
  • Strata Management Contracts
  • Warranties, Maintenance & Strata Management Licensing
  • Buying a Condominium - Some Do's & Don'ts
  • Strata Manager Licensing Requirement Questions & Answers
  • Licensing of Strata Managers

Winter 2004 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Adminstrators vs. Arbitrators
  • Editorial: Democracy Under Attack - Are There Limits On The Right to Vote?
  • When To Appoint An Administrator
  • Steps To Appointing An Administrator
  • Caselaw Update: Jurisdiction Of An Administrator
  • Proxies
  • Strata Collection
  • Strata Solution Account
  • 3/4 Vote - Quick Reference - Sheet

Spring 2002 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Strata Management After SPA Office Administration Nightmare
  • Strata Managers, Are They in Crisis?
  • Paying Council Memebers
  • Maintenance Planning and Your Strata Manager
  • Contingency Reserve Fund
  • Containment of Unbudgeted Expenditures
  • Unauthorized Expenditures - What Do You Mean It's Not $2000 Per Expenditure?
  • Preparing and Conducting a General Meeting
  • Strata Manager Licensing - What's the Status?
  • Terminating Strata Management Contract
  • "Hardship" What Does It Mean?
  • The Roles of Effective Management

Fall 2002 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Committee Operations & Development
  • Editorial: Joint & Several Liability Will It Become a Thing Of The Past?
  • Civil Liability Review
  • What Risks Do You Take By Serving on Council?
  • Governance
  • Failure to Obtain 3/4 Vote of Owners Before Commencing a Legal Suit - IS IT FATAL?
  • 22 - Year Old Condo Buidling Envelopes False Comfort Due To A Buildings Age Syndrome
  • Homeowner Protections Office: Providing No-Interest Loans and PST Relief
  • The Truth, The Whole Truth, etc.

Spring 2001 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Bylaws - Why Bother?
  • Editorial - Will Your Bylaws Be Ready?
  • SPA - Consumer Protection Legislation?
  • The Strata Property Act: A Property Manager's View After Seven Months
  • A "Full Repair" or a " Partial Repair" - That is the Question!
  • Consequences of Building " Big Buildings" with " Small Building" Standards - What Are They?
  • Selecting a Building Envelope Renovator
  • Court Cases Answer Questions - But Not Always Definitively!

Fall 2001 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • The Delta Case & Warranty Insurance Providers: The Riverwest (Delta)  Case
  • Editorial, Will the Delta Victory Mean More Litigation?
  • Renovation Warranties - What to Ask!
  • The Selection of a Residential Warranty Provider
  • New Research & Practices for BEP
  • Bylaws & the Strata Property Act
  • Windows & Bylaws
  • Letters of Assurance & the Local Government Act
  • The Delta Success Formula
  • Limitation Periods

Spring 2000 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • The Implementation of the Strata Property Act
  • Message From The President
  • Strata Property Act Highlights
  • Bylaws and the Strata Property Act
  • Can Strata Council Memembers be Sued? Liability & the Strata Property Act
  • Dispute Resolution in Condominiums Changes Under SPA
  • And You Thought the Manangement of Strata Plans Was a Challenge in the 90's?
  • Why You Need to Have an Insurance Appraisal
  • A Case For Licencing Strata Managers Why a Property Manager?
  • The Role of the Property Manager In the Retrofit Process
  • Is the Code Really to Blame?
  • HPO Continues its Efforts to Assist Homeowners and Improve the Quality of Residential Construction
  • National Home Warranty Programs Ltd. Sets Standards for Builder Excellence

Fall 2000 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Form B: Information Certificates - A Consumer Protection Challenge
  • Nona Saunders
  • Common Expense Collections & SPA - What Has Changed?
  • The Immediate Impact of the New 'Strata Property Act'
  • To Arbitrate or to Mediate - That is the Question!
  • Strata Propert Act - Financial Update
  • What is the Cladding of Choice?
  • Wet Buildings - An Assessment Perspective
  • Building Envelope Renovation Regulations Take Effect in September
  • Two Barrett Commissions Later - Where are We?

Spring 1999 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Strategies & the Special Great Truths!
  • Report of The President
  • We Are Not Alone!
  • Homeowner Protection Regulations Passed
  • Duty to Repair & Maintain
  • The Strategic Plan - A Necessity
  • A Legal Udate - Limitation Periods
  • Building Envelope Specialists - Who Are These Guys?
  • Building Envelope Specialists - What Do They Do?
  • Building Envelope Specialists - What to Expect!

Fall 1999 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • The Leaky Condo: Proving Responsibility
  • Message from the President
  • Settle the "Leaky Condo" Dispute
  • Mediating Construction Disputes
  • The Debate About Maintenance Programs for Building Envelopes
  • Property Management & Leaky Condos - Redefine the Job!
  • What Kind of Contract Should You Use for Your Leaky Condo Retrofit?
  • Are Leaking Buildings a Cause for Litigation?
  • Update on the Homeowner Protection Office
  • Leaky Condos - Who is to Blame?

Spring 1998 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • Condo Consultant Advice
  • Report of the President
  • Condominuim Arbitration
  • Glass - Can You See Through It?
  • The Fire Safety Plan
  • The "Leaky Condo"
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • The Building Envelope
  • Ask Gord the Weathergard Man
  • New Home Warranty Update
  • The Financing Alternative
  • Leaky Condo Crisis - Damages to One Hunder Million

Fall 1998 Issue - The Voice from the Strata-Sphere

  • The Design Professional's Position
  • Report of the President
  • Annual Conference Series
  • A Roofer's View - Protect Your Asset
  • Strata Council's Personal Liability
  • The Building Envelope
  • We've Got a Leaky Condo!
  • Governance & the Crisis Situation
  • Leaky Condos & Tax Implications
  • The New " Strata Property Act"
  • Maintain the Value of Your Investment
  • Maintenance Managment




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